This Communication Terminal Integrated Tester can be used for R & D, manufacturing, calibration, testing, certification, maintenance and teaching. The device has 5G signal generation, 5G signal power, demodulation and spectrum analysis functions. It supports high-speed tests of 5G terminal production lines, transmits downlink 5G NR signal to receiver test of 5G terminals.

ceyear communication terminal integrated tester

This Tester from Ceyear offers a variety of tests and optional configurations.


• Frequency range 70MHz to 7.1GHz

• Max. input power +30dBm

• Support 5G terminal production line fast non-signaling test

• Also support 4G / 3G / 2G and WiFi series version test of 3GPP through software upgrade

• GUI graphical interface and multi-domain parallel test design

• Test cases covering 3GPP TS38 521-1 standard transmitters and receivers

• 200MHz and 20MHz analysis bandwidth


For over fifty years, Ceyear has been designing and manufacturing quality Test and Measurement equipment and has grown to one of the largest manufacturers in this field of the world. Ceyear supplies electronic measurement instruments with frequency up to 500 GHz, such as signal generators, signal analyzers, network analyzers, power meters and microwave components.


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