5G technology is ready to create the foundation for digital homes, Industry, streaming devices, etc. and Pasternack offers 5G RF components solutions for the Next Generation. Pasternack's offers a wide range of antennas for sub-6 GHz 5G wireless applications. Pasternack has launced a new series of 5G Omni, Rubber Duck and Dome antennas that provide excellent coverage and gain from 600 MHz on up. Features and Options:

  • Designed for operation in sub-6 GHz 5G frequency bands
  • Suited for public or private 5G networks
  • Options are available to cover from 600 MHz up to 7.2 GHz
  • Available to support wifi 6 and wifi 6e networks
  • Low PIM rated Dome Antenna options
  • Type N and SMA connector options



Pasternack supplies over 40.000 RF, microwave and milimeter water components amongst a complete line of 5G products. Contact RIMARCK for more information about Pasternack antennas or other RF components..