Recently EMC Partner has launched their new CND Line, another ground-breaking advance in EMC Technology. With a standard EUT voltage of 3 x 690V AC, 500V DC and options up to 1500V DC this new CDN Line is an important step in the future of EMC Testing. It offers impulse test levels up to max. 7.6kV (Surge and Ringwave) and up to mx. 7.1kV EFT.

These latest CDN Models offer the highest test level combined with highest EUT voltages available in the market, allowing a precise tailoring of options to meet both technical requirements and budget.

  • Full range switching 0 - 200A and more
  • Up to 1500Vdc EUT voltage
  • Ready for EV and railway testing
  • Broad range of accessories available
  • Included cables and/or connectors


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