Signal generator

Top level test signal solutions  

From Ceyear we offer top level test signal solutions at frequency range 9KHz – 325 GHz. The Signal Generators have several types including Synthesized Signal Generator, Synthesized Sweep Signal Generator, Vector Signal Generator, Frequency Agile Signal Generator, etc.

1465-series: excellent vector modulation, frequency range of 100kHz – 67GHz, 200MHz internal bandwidth and 2GHz external modulation real-time bandwidth.
1441-series; economical signal generators with portable case, small size, frequency range to 9KHz – 3GHz/6GHz, light weight, suitable for outdoor operations and economically interesting for universities (schooling).
82401/82406-series; millimeter-wave source modules, output frequency 50GHz – 500GHz, built in high gain amplifier.



NEW: Affordable Signal Generator line; series 1435-a and 1435 vector signal generator (specifications in download tab) 


signal generator