Spectrum analyzer

Incomparable Price Performance ratio  

The width variety of Spectrum Analzyers from Ceyear covers the complete spectrum of versatile measurement and unique applicable characteristics. The spectrum analyzer series are available as table model, handheld and portable.

4051-series; coaxial frequency up to 67GHz, excellent measurement & receiving performance, max. 550MHz analysis bandwidth, powerful RF signal streaming & playback function. 4051S-series; frequency up to 26.5 GHz (5 optional frequency ranges), practical function options, excellent measurement & receiving performance, economically effective. 4024-series; frequency range from 9KHz to 44GHz (4 models), high sweep speed (1GHz span; <20ms), bandwidth resolution 1Hz – 10MHz, phase noise -106dB/Hz@100KHz frequency. 4041-series; frequency range 9KHz-20GHz/26.5GHz/32GHz/44GHz, portable, light weight, high sweep speed (1GHz span; <20ms), various measurement functions, easy to operate. 82407-series; frequency extension module; designed for milimeter-wave frequency extension.

signal spectrum analyzer