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RF components
Electronic Components

Rimarck is an independent family company representing world leading manufacturers, offering high quality products & introducing the latest innovations.

EMC / RF test equipment, RF/Microwave components  & 
Electronic Components

All Rimarck products are directly obtained from the manufacturer which ensures you to have quality products, manufactured according to all common regulations and on top; you will also benefit in pricing, support and introducing the latest innovations.

RF equipment

RF equipment

High-quality products for the wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical and defense sectors

EMC Test equipment

EMC test equipment

The largest range of Impulse test equipment up to 100kV and 100kA.

RF/Microwave components

RF Components

Largest selection of RF Components in the industry, custom cables ready to ship within one day

Electronic components

Electronic components

Electronic Interconnect components & Hardware inclusing custom solutions

Your experienced RF and EMC specialist

Over a decade of experience at RIMARCK and a total of 20+ years working experience means that we have witnessed the technology changes over the years. This background is a fundamental basis for the know-how pillar of RIMARCK in benefit of our customers. And we are still learning and sharing our expertise every day

EMC specialist Rimarck

Services & Support

Service is our strength and Rimarck has grown because of that. A quick answer to your e-mail, thinking along with your problem

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Over 10 years experience

Over 10 years experience

Our technical know-how is a fundamental pillar, supported by our manufacturers we advise our customers every day

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Rimarck custom solutions

Custom solutions

Over the years we have guided many customers with  custom solutions such as battery clips, solenoids, etc.   

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We don't mind when you call.. and you will get a real person on the phone. If sending an e-mail is more convenient for you, please do so. We will follow up on your message the same day. Excellent customer service and contact is an important pillar of Rimarck.

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