New Low-PIM, 4.3-10 Surge Protector
Offers wide Operating Frequency range


Pasternack's new coaxial Low PIM RF surge protector protects your equipment from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or power surges which are commonly caused by lightning or other strong electrial transients. Pasternack's surge protector is manufactured to precise radio frequency components standards for protection from electrical surges. Features of the PE73SO1070 are;

  • reliable broadband performance from 555 MHz to 4 GHz
  • Male/Female 4.3-10 in to 4.13-10 out connection
  • Maximum power handling of 200 watts
  • DC block topology
  • Excellent Low PIM performance of -160 dBc
  • Very low energy let-through



Pasternack's new Low-PIM surge connector is part of more than 40.000 RF, microwave and milimeter wave components that are in stock! Contact RIMARCK, your Benelux specialist for Pasternack products