Interconnect components & hardware

Over 5.000 Interconnect & Hardware products

For over seventy years, Keystone Electronics has been designing and manufacturing quality interconnects and electronic hardware. Their engineering and design specialists utilize the most advanced design and production capabilities. Precision tool and die CAD/CAM capabilities, close tolerance stamping, machining and assembly, computer based quality control and responsive customer service are all vital in-house resources which constitute Keystone’s capabilities.

Keystone’s products are in compliance with the RoHS and REACH directives and their quality system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Keystone products: Battery & Coin Cell Holders, Battery Contacts & Clips, Brackets (computer & mounting), Electronic Hardware & Accessories, Fuse clips & Fuse holders, Handles for instrumentation, Led Spacers & Lens Caps, Plugs, Pins, Jacks & Sockets, Quick-fit terminals, Screw Terminals & Terminal blocks, Screws & Panel Hardware, Spacers & Standoffs, Terminals & Terminal boards, Test points, Tips, Probes, Jumpers & Clips

keystone interconnect components and hardware