Insulation test generators

Superior & Reliable Impulse Insulation Test System

Product safety  testing, insulation tests of material to voltage breakdown of transformers; EMC Partner has Insulations Test Generator solutions that covers them all. Their extensive line of MIG Generators are built according to the latest technologies, innovations and are exemplary for Swiss Quality. The MIG-series are specialized generators built to meet customers’ needs for reliable Impulse Insulation Tests.

MIG0603; Insulation Tester for compliance testing according to IEC 60060-1 and IEC 61180-2;1.5/50, MIG12003; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 40 output v = 1.2/50 500 output; requires safety barrier, MIG1203; Insulation Tester for compliance testing according to IEC 60060-1 and IEC 61180-2;1.5/50,  MIG1203 STEP: Insulation Tester with STEP function, MIG1203CWG; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 up to 12kV, 40 Ohm plus CWG 1.2/50S 6kV, 8/20S 300A up to 3KA,

MIG1203SOLAR; Insulation Tester for Solar Panel Testing according to IEC61730-1 and IEC61730-2, MIG14403; Insulation tester with two source impedances, 48 Ohm and 500 Ohm, MIG1803; Impulse voltage tester, voltage range 1kV up to 18kV, IEC 60060-1 and IEC 61180-2, MIG1803-12; Insulation tester up to 18kV 1.2/50, MIG1809; CWG Surge Generator, developed for component tests, up to 18kV 9KA, MIG2403; Insulation tester up to 24kV, MIG2412; Surge Generator according to IEC 61180-2, CWG 24kV, 12KA, MIG3603C; Impulse Voltage tester, range from 2kV up to 36kV in compliance with IEC 60060-1,

MIG4803; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 up to 48kV and 8/20 up to 3KA, MIG7203; Insulation Tester 24 Ohm direct output, MIG9603; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 32 Ohm direct, separate control unit

MIG Insulation tester for Solar panel tests