Latest Generation Impulse Insulation Generators up to 30kV

New INS series - fastest insulation test system


Product safety testing, insulation tests of material to voltage breakdown of transformers; EMC Partner has Insulations Test Generator solutions that covers them all.

The new INS series from EMC PARTNER is another ground-breaking advance in insulation technology. With impulse repetition rates of 1 pulse per second up to 3.5 kV, and 1 pulse per 8 seconds at 30 kV, INS is probably the fastest insulation test system in the world. The new INS test systems represent a flexible, high performance, high precision and highly reliable solution.

INS-1250 family of impulse insulation testers for material insulation, components and electrical equipment safety for applications in both development and production environments. High accuracy internal or external measurement systems, can be programmed to detect breakdown with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulse integral. Personnel safety ensured through an emergency stop, warning lamp and test cabinet, disabling high voltage circuits when activated.


INS Generators models:

INS-1250-7K5 7.5 kV impulse 1.2/50 μs, 40 Ω and/or custom output
INS-1250-15K 15 kV impulse 1.2/50 μs, 40 Ω and/or custom output
INS-1250-22K5 22.5 kV impulse 1.2/50 μs, 40 Ω and/or custom output
INS-1250-30K 30 kV impulse 1.2/50 μs, 40 Ω and/or custom output


Other Insulation testers from EMC Partner;

  • INS-0805 500 ohm output/ 0.5 J with 0.5 kV, 1 kV, 1.5 kV, 2 kV, 2.5 kV, 3 kV, 4 kV, 5 kV, 6 kV and 8 kV test levels
  • MIG2412; Surge Generator according to IEC 61180-2, CWG 24kV, 12KA
  • MIG3603C; Impulse Voltage tester, range from 2kV up to 36kV in compliance with IEC 60060-1
  • MIG4803; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 up to 48kV and 8/20 up to 3KA
  • MIG7203; Insulation Tester 24 Ohm direct output
  • MIG9603; Insulation Tester 1.2/50 32 Ohm direct, separate control unit
  • MIG1809; CWG Surge Generator, developed for component tests, up to 18kV 9KA
  • MIG14403; Insulation tester with two source impedances, 48 Ohm and 500 Ohm

An Insulation test system can be used for multiple applications such as electricity meter testing and component testing e.g. power semiconductors. Common IEC standards for Insulation testing are IEC 60664-1 and IEC 60335.

EMC Partner’s Insulation testers are built according to the latest technologies, innovations and are exemplary for Swiss Quality.


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