Military Test System

Flexible modular solution for MIL-STD-461 or DO-160

The MIL-MG3 is an easy to use, efficient, cost effective and reliable Military Test Generator. Designed and manufactured by EMC Partner in Switzerland according to the latest technology and innovations. As most of EMC Partner’s products this Military test system is modular built which makes it possible to enhance the test capabilities when needed. Easy to use touch screen and minimum setup and calibration time.

The following plug-ins are available for the MIL-MG3:

- MIL3-REC; bulk cable injection impulse (CS115)

- MIL3-10K10M; damped sinusoidal transients (MIL-STD-461 / CS116)

- MIL3-30M100M; damped sinusoidal transient (MIL-STD-461 / CS116)

- MIL3-SPIKE; Transients, power leads (MIL-STD-461 / CS106)

- MIL3-1275; imported spikes (MIL-STD-1275)

- MIL3-DO-160-S17; voltage spikes (DO-160 section 17)

- MIL3-DO-160-S19; inductive switching transients (DO-160 section 19) 


This Military Test Generator is an efficient and technically advanced system and now on RIMARCK's YouTube channel !




mil 3000 military test system