Other EMC test equipment

Wide variety of EMC test solutions

Combination Wave Test (CWG) 12kV – 6kA; Electronic Polarity Change, Parameter ramp Feature, High degree of Automation without software, Impulse repeatability pulse to pulse, reproducible test results between location.

Capacitor Test Generator for Capacitor Testing up to 12kV; X,Y-Capacitor tester according to IEC 60384-14 up to 12kV, C pulse = 20

Protection Device Testing; SMD Varistor Tester up to 6kV AND 3 kA, according to IEC61643-1 and with waveforms: 8/20.

Circuit Breaker Testing; Circuit Breaker Test Generator 8/20

Circuit breaker tester according to IEC 61439, IEC 61008-1, IEC 61009-1. 8/20 Ring 100kHz up to 250A, 1.2/50 440V/16A, prepared for MIG1206. Requires TC-MIG24. 


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