Telecom Test Generators

Special Surge & Telecom Test systems

EMC Partner offers a wide range of Telecom Test Generators who are capable to perform all Basic and Enhanced tests according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Nowadays the traditional telecom systems have been replaced for modern high-speed digital equipment and thus (unique) CDN’s are needed to transfer impulse energy into high-speed communication systems.

The MIG-series from EMC Partner are specialized generators built to meet customers’ needs and has resulted in a wide range of high quality and reliable generators.

- MIG-ITU-K44: Power Induction Tester according to ITU-T K.44 and ITU-T K.45

- MIG0612T-K12: Dual surge current generator according to ITU K.12: 10/1000

- MIG0624T-K12: Dual surge current generator according to ITU K.12: 10/1000

- MIG0624-TEL: Current tester – Coaxial port tester with surges of 20 KA 8/20

- MIG0648-TEL: Telecom Tester for testing up to 8 ports, surges of 1 to 5 KA 8/20

- MIG1203T T-I: Telecom Tester  according to ITU-T K.44: 10/700

- NW-K44PC: Extension network for Power Contact (PC) Tests (ITU-T K.44)

- TEL0305LP3: Impulse Generator 10/350 up to 2x2.5kA + 10%


More models available!

mig telecom test generator