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A Frequency Multiplier is a device that produces an output with a frequency that’s an odd or even multiple of it’s input frequency. Multipliers can be 2x, 3x, 4x, etc. A 2x Multiplier is also known as a Frequency Doubler. A Doubler circuit generates a second harmonic of an input signal while suppressing the fundamental and odd harmonics.
Pasternack offers both Passive and Active Broadband Designs.

Frequency Multipliers make use of balanced designs to enhance rejection of undesired harmonics and sub-harmonics as well as spurious signals in the output spectrum. Passive designs use Schottky diodes that are energized directly from the RF input signal power. These designs produce the harmonic output spectrum at the cost of conversion loss. One of the major benefits of Passive Multipliers is that no additive noise is introduced into the system.
Active Multipliers have integrated amplifiers that compensate for the conversion loss and provide high levels of output power. They have better efficiency compared to diode Frequency Multipliers but at expense of higher noise levels.

Pasernack’s Frequency Dividers are available in both Analog and Digital varieties. Analog Dividers are less common, operate at narrower bandwidths and much higher frequencies. Pasternack offers a series of Digital Frequency Dividers based on low noise InGaP GaAs HBT Semiconductor (MMIC) Technology. Digital Frequency Dividers require a DC bias and can work up to tens of GHz. Frequency Dividers play an integral role in Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Circuits. The Frequency Division process does make a contribution to overall system noise which is an important issue with Designers especially in PLL circuits. All Pasternack Frequency Divider datasheets include Phase Noise specifications.

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